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New episode stills “Thansgiving”

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Graduates on glee

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Becca about Quinn’s comeback in the thanksgiving episode


Sounds very similar to how Quinn ended up in New Directions. Do you feel like you’re the new Quinn?
Yes! That’s how Quinn ended up on glee club to keep an eye on boyfriend. There are some similarities there for sure. At first I was worried that it would be such a close comparison but as I’m getting to know Kitty, she’s actually very different. Quinn was more mysterious about her motives and Kitty is has no filter and what ever she thinks she says out loud and she doesn’t make it too secretive what her motives are.

Quinn is coming back to McKinley for Thanksgiving. How will Kitty and Quinn connect and what’s their relationship like?

In the Thanksgiving episode, the graduates are back visiting for the holidays and Kitty and Quinn get an opportunity to meet each other. Kitty really looks up to Quinn because she’s the original mean girl and original head Cheerio queen-bee type. Quinn sees a lot of herself in Kitty. There’s a soft spot for her and hopefully that relationship will continue; I’d love if they wrote more in for Quinn to help Kitty along the way an maybe it’ll take an edge off Kitty since Quinn went through a transformation throughout glee club that was for the best. Hopefully that’s what’s in store for Kitty.


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4x08 “thanksgiving” spoilers


Do you want to know which songs and who will be mentoring who in the 8th episode of the season?

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Pinch of salt

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Glee 4x08 Spoilers


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Quinn spoiler


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Dianna agron

As Ryan has said she will be back. The reason she is not in the picture is because she was shooting the start of her new movie Malvita in France at the time of the shoot. Therefore she couldn’t just hop on a plane and join in like the other seniors. All the graduates will feature in some way, some like Rachel and Kurt will be in near enough every week, some like Quinn will be featured just at different times as actors expand to other projects.

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