❝ After Isabel encourages Kurt to talk to Blaine, saying “sometimes it’s the not forgiving that holds us back,” he finally calls his well-gelled ex, just before he steps on stage at Sectionals. “I’m trying to forgive you, but I’m just not there yet,” Kurt says. “But it’s Thanksgiving and Sectionals and I miss you like crazy and I can’t stand not talking to you even though I’m mad at you because you’re still my best friend.” (No, we weren’t crying. We were just chopping onions and a branch fell in our eye!) The two plan to see each other over Christmas break to have a “mature heart-to-heart” and to go ice-skating and end their conversation with mutual “I love yous.” ❞
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❝ Blaine and Kurt: This one was rough.

Blaine’s been feeling neglected so he cheated on Kurt, then dashed unexpectedly to New York to see Kurt, where he felt extra-guilty and consequently sang the most emotional version of “Teenage Dream” ever performed at a karoke piano bar. A reference to skin-tight jeans has never sounded so intense, thanks to Darren Criss.

Then Blaine confessed his transgression and Kurt burst into tears , and the way Darren Criss and Chris Colfer both lost it was beautifully played. But then the scene got ruined a little when both Klaine and Finchel (shudder) were forced to start singing “Don’t Speak.” Actually, ”Don’t Sing” would have been more apt because I really wanted Kurt and Blaine to keep talking it out and sobbing and being emotionally raw without having to bring Gwen Stefani into the whole situation. ❞
— The Washington Post recap of 4.04, “The Break-up” (via daxterdd)
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'Struck By Lightning' Is An Impressive Start To Chris Colfer's Writing Career


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Tribeca Film’s Synopsis for ‘Struck by Lightning’


Even being killed by a bolt of lightning won’t keep budding young journalist Carson Phillips (Glee’s Chris Colfer) quiet. Trapped by his small-minded town, this outspoken high school senior recounts the last few weeks of his life through a series of upbeat flashbacks in this playful and energetic comedy written by Colfer himself. As his death date readily approaches, Carson struggles to keep it together only a short time longer while waiting on an admission letter from his dream college—his ticket out of banality. 

Director Brian Dannelly (Saved!) fuses a vivid high school landscape with the intimate video footage shot by classmate Malerie (Rebel Wilson)—who encyclopedically chronicles the lives of her fellow students—adding to the feel of a genuine high school experience. Razor-sharp performances from Colfer and Allison Janney as his mother are reinforced by a memorable supporting cast, including Christina Hendricks (Drive), Angela Kinsey (The Office), and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) who plays a mean-girl cheerleading captain. Fast-paced and searingly witty, Struck By Lightning proves Colfer is a multifaceted talent and that high school is an endless well for rousing entertainment.

This film is appropriate for teenagers and up.

April 1, 2012 - Tribeca Film

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