The graduation countdown clock ticks down to 42 days on Tuesday night’s Whitney Houston-centric episode of Glee (8/7c, Fox), and the prospect of huge changes on the horizon drives one couple to the brink of a breakup, sees another duo experience tension over their wedding planning, and spawns the unlikeliest of musical partnerships. Here’s a little tease of what you can expect from “Dance With Somebody”:

Quinn gets a tingling sensation…in her heart |Last week’s Glee found Quinn spending increased quality time with both Artie and recent New Directions addition Joe (The Glee Project‘s Samuel Larsen). In this week’s episode, one of those suitors turns up the heat (with adorable/awkward results) in an unexpected venue: During a trip to the physical therapist. Plus, Brittany gets to hilariously weigh in on the new kid’s appeal: “Joe’s really pretty, but I heard she doesn’t shave her armpits.”

Schue and Emma seek professional help | Even in Northwest Ohio, finding somebody to plan your nuptials doesn’t come cheap, but thanks to a healthy tax return and the sale of some blood platelets, Will manages to secure the services of the “Northwest Ohio’s premiere wedding planner.” Ultimately, though, when one half of the engaged couple clashes with the in-demand Mr. Lavender, concerns bigger and more serious than color schemes and reception favors bubble to the surface, leading to a particularly nice scene for Jayma Mays.

One couple suffers a bout of “Lesbian Bed Death” | Wait, two randy teenagers who haven’t had an unscheduled makeout session in a month? Sounds like a case for one of Ms. Pillsbury’s trademark pamphlets. Or, on second thought, maybe not?

Mr. Hummel returns from Washington | Glee is always a little better when the fantasic Mike O’Malley is in the mix, and this week the newly elected Congressman takes time from his busy schedule for a touching one-on-one with son Kurt featuring this fabulous little zinger: “I was 9. Who knew paella was gonna be so complicated?”

Frenemies make beautiful music together | Rachel and Santana team up for a spin on “So Emotional” that’s so sensational, I’m not sure why Mr. Schue doesn’t immediately add it to the set list for Nationals. Perhaps just as interesting, though, the new musical alliance leads to two out of the following three things coming true: public displays of affection; class photos hung in each others’ lockers; and eventual accusations of stalking.

Kurt’s fashion sense leads to serious relationship woes for Klaine | No, it’s not that Blaine doesn’t appreciate things like Kurt’s hippo-head brooch, it’s just that Porcelain’s outre accessories happen to catch the eye of a certain someone else. And that someone else happens to be pretty handy with text-message compliments. You see where this is heading, right?

Major musical moments galore | From Whitney’s early hits (“I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” a stunning a capella “How Will I Know) to her later chart-toppers (“It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” “My Love Is Your Love”) the hour is packed with music from a variet of New Directions members, and there’s not a weak link to be found.

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grantstudstin asked: Who would you say has the main plot in SNG?


Santana, Finn and Mercedes.

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gengbaby asked: What is the song from the BTS where all of the couples are dancing together? More than a Woman?



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Clip from “Saturday Night Glee-ver”

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“Saturday Night Glee-ver” and “Dance With Somebody” Stills

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GLEE returns TOMORROW!! Check out this photo of Darren Criss’ ‘Blaine’ performing “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera.


GLEE returns TOMORROW!! Check out this photo of Darren Criss’ ‘Blaine’ performing “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera.

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Natasha: Are there any good Quinn and Rachel moments in this week’s episode of Glee
Yes, we anticipate the Fabrerry fanbase will have quite a lot to say about Quinn and Rachel’s friendship after the episode.

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New big brother promo from England, new puck and finchel (argument yay) and some more sue.

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Slight Prom and Nationals spoilers from Damian McGinty

What lies ahead for Rory on Glee, and what’s next for your fellow Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen (Joe)?
Well what’s next for Rory is we are coming into the home stretch I think, it starts back April 10th and there is 8 episodes in a row remaining. It’s building up a lot towards the whole graduating thing and where is the show going for next year. Honestly for me at the moment, for a lot of us on set myself, Chord Overstreet (Sam), Samuel Larsen, you know all the guest stars, Grant Gustin (Sebastian), we’re a bit in limbo because we really…there’s ideas being thrown about as to what the show is going to be next year but there’s nothing concrete I don’t think.

Are the cast members nervous?
Yeah, people are nervous because we don’t know what’s going on so we know as much as everybody else sometimes to be honest. So it’s a little bit in limbo but we’re working hard, we’re filming Nationals in two weeks time and there’s a lot of great story lines coming up. We just did a number, we were filming prom this week and we did a really, really cool number that I’m very excited for!

What song is it?
[He hesitates] There were 5 guys, we did a One Direction song the five of us! So it was like a Glee boy band, it was awesome!


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snixporcelain asked: Any Joe (Samuel Larson) scenes this episode?



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shaydelrey asked: how many Quartie scenes?



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butterscotchcreys asked: Do Kurt and Blaine have a one-on-one conversation about Cooper?



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